Uniquely handcrafted from recycled wool/cashmere sweaters, vintage buttons & whimsy!

Miru's Friends is delighted to appear at the following venues:

The Guild Shop, 118 Cumberland Avenue, Yorkville

Miru's Friends is featured on
HGTV’s Pure Design! Watch the 4 part video online: Helen and Niall's Nursery.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Artist Tai Kim's search for new methods and interesting media led to connecting fibre art with storytelling. Her daughter Miru was the first adoring recipient of Tai’s creations, hence the name ”Miru’s Friends”. Since mid 2005, Tai has been making soft sculpture figures for children and adults of all ages. Before the industrial revolution people used to have a rag doll from mother or grandmother. Her work is a rediscovery of those good and warm feelings using recycled wool sweaters, which also fosters a sense of helping in a small way to save the planet.

All woolen material is carefully selected, laundered, and remade into whimsical characters created entirely without patterns. Each is a totally unique creation. Sewing is accomplished by hand and machine by the artist herself, and stuffed using new poly-fiber filling. Finishing details include vintage buttons, hand embroidery and endearing touches of the unexpected.

Pricing :  Animal pins $30, cat heads $30,Plain birds $35, messenger birds $45, message cup cakes $45, large animal figures $75~135.

Miru’s Friends have been sold as private commissions, and in Toronto at respected and trend-setting retailers The Guild Shop (118 Cumberland St.)
To contact  — or to place orders:  tai@mirusfriends.com
Tai Kim has been working as illustrator specializing in editorial illustration in Asia and North America since 1990. Assignments have covered a broad spectrum: Business, Culture, Lifestyle, Gardening, Entertainment and Children’s Publishing. http://www.creativeshake.com/profile.html?MyUrl=tai-kim